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Over the last few years, the implementation and application of single-cell sequencing technologies has had a meteoric impact on how we characterize and monitor disease. The Human Cell Atlas, the Human BioMolecular Atlas Program, and LifeTime are three international efforts that aim at exploring single-cell technologies to characterize cell fate and disease progression. Unfortunately, to the exception of complex spatially resolved techniques, single-cell genomics is performed with dissociated tissue for which the spatial location of individual cells is lost. Here we aim at developing, implementing and applying a hybrid method for determining the three-dimensional organization of a tissue from single-cell omics data. To do so, we will rely on the Integrative Modeling approach widely used in other fields of structural biology and proposed it for tissue reconstruction for the first time.


International. European Commission. H2020-RIA. 2021-2025 [GA 101000309].
3D'omics. Three-dimensional holo-omic landscapes to unveil host-microbiota interactions impacting animal production.
International. "La Caixa" Health Programme 2020. 2020-2023 [HR20-00411].
Virtual patient derived xenografts for tumor treatment (vPDX).
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